Isle of Wight Apple People and Places

Mr K G Wills

 About ten years ago we were given a ‘Report on the investigation of old Orchards, Gurnard village, Isle of Wight. 1995’ written by Mr K.G. Wills and Mr S. Denham.   This was fascinating reading for us as it identified a number of old orchards with plans in the Gurnard area.  Unfortunately Mr Wills had died the previous year and we were never able to speak to him personally although Dave did manage to contact Mrs Wills.  We have, however, visited most of the houses and gardens mentioned in the report.
 Mr Wills had his own orchard in Gurnard, (which is included in the report), and had noted the large number of small privately owned orchards in his neighbourhood.  Together with Mr S. Denham and after a meeting with the Tree Wardens, they surveyed the orchards, drew a scale plan for each and named and identified the apples where possible, marking them on the map.  He noted the unusual and interesting varieties, made notes on the condition of the trees and the dates (approx) when planted.  Some of the trees have deteriorated since Mr Wills’ report but some are still flourishing and productive.  Look out for apples being sold for charity each autumn at the gate of one of the houses in Rew Street.