Gascoyne's Scarlet


Raised by Mr Gascoyne of Bapchild Court, Sittingbourne, Kent.  Introduced in 1871 by G, Bunyard and sons of Maidstone, Kent.  RHS First Class Certificate in 1887.

Round to flat round, medium to large apple, flattened at base and apex.  Can be lopsided.  Definitely five crowned.
Pale green, half to almost completely covered by bright scarlet.
Lenticels very conspicuous russet dots both on green and flush.

Cavity deep, narrow and russeted.
Stalk medium or long, fairly stout, to or just above base.
Basin deep, fairly wide and ribbed.  Sometimes russet.
Eye large, part open to open.
Sepals long and reflexed.
Flesh green white and sweet, juicy but not a strong flavour.
Tube cone, Stamens median or basal, Core axile, slightly open

Tree vigorous, upward spreading. Triploid.

Flowering three days after Cox’s Orange Pippin with Ashmead’s Kernel.  Pollination Group D

Season : October to January