Cross made in 1945, MacIntosh x Red Delicious (?) by Lester C Anderson, a Cornell University nutritionist who conducted open pollination research in his orchards, results from this taken to the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station of Cornell University in Geneva, New York.  Grown and tested until 1966 when it was released to the public at the New York Fruit Testing Association meetings.

Medium size. Round, distinctly flattened at base and apex
Very attractive, even, shiny apple.  Pale yellow green with deep crimson red flush finally becoming all over crimson.  Waxy feel.  Lenticels small white dots, prominent on flush.

Cavity deep and wide, a little russet on one in sample, otherwise none.
Stalk medium thick and long. Always above cavity, always to one side, red colour on stalk.
Basin medium depth and width.
Eye mostly open/ part open.  In more immature specimens appears closed
Sepals broken in my sample giving appearance of an open Eye
Flesh creamy, juicy, fresh, clean taste, David says ‘ an apple taste not so artificial as some supermarket apples’. Tough bruise resistant skin.  Related to Spartan? New Book of Apples says ‘scented’ – not apparent in our sample.

Tube wide cone, Stamens basal, Core axile


Flowering Two days before Cox's Orange Pippin  Pollination Group B

Season : Sample in April imported from USA,  In UK  from November to January/ February (grown at Sharon Orchard IOW)