Bloody Ploughman


Origin – from the Carse of Gowrie, Scotland 1883.
The New Book of Apples says ‘ reputedly takes its name from ploughman who was caught stealing  Megginch Estate apples and shot by gamekeeper.  His wife got the bag of apples and threw them on the rubbish heap and one of the seedlings that emerged was rescued by a workman and subsequently named’.

Large. Flat round to round, irregular and ribby
Blood red/crimson skin going very greasy, paler crimson with blue bloom earlier in season.  Colour goes right into the cavity.
Lenticels conspicuous white dots.

Cavity deep, narrow, mostly lined with russet which can spread out over the shoulder
Stalk sturdy, mostly in cavity or just above.
Basin varies, very ribbed and irregular. Multi crowned, Some beading
Eye open or part open
Sepals broad, reflexed
Flesh stained pink when ripe, sweet, juicy, crisp

Tube broad cone, Stamens basal, core abaxile

Tree vigorous

Flowering Just before Cox’s Orange Pippin   Pollination Group D

Season : September to November