‘New’ in Deacon’s catalogue 2003/4.  Listed in Crawford 2001.

Round/conical, well rounded and flattened at base and flattened at apex. Can be irregular and lopsided.  Five crowned.
Almost completely covered with dark crimson flush and blue bloom, very shiny if handled, tough skin. 
Lenticels russet dots.  An attractive looking apple.

Cavity deep and fairly narrow, russet in cavity over green. Russet can spread over apple in patches and streaks and specks.
Stalk stout and to one side, extends just beyond cavity.
Basin irregular, some beading. Medium width and fairly shallow. 
Eye closed.
Sepals broad with broken tips
Flesh white with red just under the skin.  Crisp, fresh, sharp taste, juicy and refreshing.

Tube long cone, Stamens median (?), Core abaxile, lots of pips, core lines distinct.

Tree vigorous

Flowering group 2 for pollination in Deacon’s catalogue i.e. mid season.   Pollination group D

Season : November and keeps until January