Winter Banana


Raised on farm of David Flory near Adamsboro, Cass County,  Indiana, USA in 1876.  Award of Merit from RHS in 1912.

Medium. Round to oblong/conical, lopsided, shape varies, ribbed and irregular.  Can feel five crowns.   Flattened at base and slightly or more flattened at apex. Medium to large.
The colour is the most striking thing about this apple.  Yellow ripening to golden yellow, flush pink/orange, no stripes.  Small dark Lenticels.
Smooth, shiny and becoming greasy.

Cavity wide, deep and russeted, russet can spread.  Sometimes lipped.
Stalk short, not too stout.
Basin medium width, fairly shallow,
Eye part open,
Sepals usually broken.  Broad and long
Flesh creamy white to yellow (hence the name?) but like Discovery seems to lose flesh colour when stored. Juicy.

Tube, funnel, Stamens, marginal, Core abaxile

Tree moderate vigour, upright spreading

Flowering one day after Cox’s Orange Pippin with George Carpenter and Woolbrook Russet

Season : December to March
Could be confused with Carswell’s Orange but this has stripes on the flush as it ripens.