White Transparent


Russian or Baltic States origin, introduced in mid nineteenth century.

Medium, round-conical, irregular, ribbed,
Waxy, pale creamy green white, greasy feel to skin after picking.  Looks as if apple is made of wax when ripe. Lenticels russet dots.

Cavity wide, not too deep, sometimes a little russet ( Bultitude says ‘russet streaks’)
Stalk long and thin.  
Basin shallow, skin puckered and ribbed.
Eye closed or part open
Sepals broad and convergent
Flesh white – the ones I had did not taste much of anything but it is a very early apple and it was late September.

Tube funnel or wide cone, Stamens basal, Core abaxile, lots of pips in sample but Taylor says ‘ self pollinated fruits are as a rule seedless’

Tree upright, spreading, fairly vigorous

Flowering four days before Cox’s Orange Pippin with Idared and Wagener.

Season : August – September