White Melrose


Raised by the monks of Melrose Abbey, Roxburgh, Scotland recorded 1831, probably older.  Mentioned in Hogg 1884.  Taylor says ‘grown exclusively in the border countries’.  The tree I know grows in Newtown, Isle of Wight.

Very large (won the largest apple competition at Afton Park Apple day in 2006)Tall, conical, ribbed and five crowned.
Skin smooth and pale green/white, can develop milky pink flush as it ripens.  Lenticels small red dots. 

Cavity deep, narrow, russet lined, sometimes lipped.
Stalk short, fairly stout, Taylor says ‘embedded’.  Basin irregular, fairly deep, skin puckered, can be beaded.
Sepals long and thin
Flesh white, fairly sweet, can be a cooker or dessert.

Tube cone, Stamens basal i.e. towards core, Core abaxile
This apple has no pips.

Tree spreading and vigorous

Flowering one day after Cox’s Orange Pippin
Taylor says dessert and cooking, Crawford classifies it as dessert.

Season : November to December