Reverend W. Wilks


Raised by Messrs.Veitch of Chelsea from a Peasgood’s Nonsuch x Ribston Pippin cross. Award of Merit from RHS in 1904 and First Class certificate in 1910.  Introduced 1908.
Rev W. Wilks who was Rector of Shirley in Surrey and Secretary of the RHS from 1888 – 1919.  He bred and introduced the Shirley Poppy.
Large, conical to round conical shape.  Regular and symmetrical.  Well flattened at base and slightly flattened at apex.
Pale cream/white with pale marmalade flush and a few darker orange stripes.  Just a few russet lenticels.
Skin smooth but greasy after picking.

Cavity deep, wide, grey russet lined.
Stalk short but not too stout. Bultitude and Sanders both say slender)
Basin wide, deep and ribbed.
Eye large and closed or part open
Sepals erect, downy.
Flesh white and crisp, juicy.
A good cooker, but in our garden suffered from scab and bitterpit and was reluctantly thrown out

Tube funnel, Stamens median, Core abaxile

Tree small and spreading

Flowering five days before Bramley’s Seedling with Lodi and George Neal

Season : late August to November.