Raised by R. Wellington at New York State Agricultural Experimental Station, Geneva, New York USA. In 1911. Introduced in 1924.  Parents White Transparent and Montgomery.
As far as I can see very similar to White Transparent.  Samples of both collected from Deacons
Lodi has a shorter stouter stalk, a little russet in the cavity, and is later – August
It has firmer flesh and develops a crimson red flush if exposed to hot sun.
Rather more conical in shape than White Transparent.

Medium. Conical, varying from short to longer in shape.  Irregular and slightly ribbed. Very five crowned, often with one crown larger than the others.
Skin goes from green to pale green/white to creamy yellow. Finally a brown red flush.
Lenticels russet dots , show white on final red flush if it develops

Cavity medium, varies – Bultitude says shallow.  Small amount of russet.
Stalk sturdy, not long, sometimes swollen, sometimes to one side.
Basin shallow, puckered and sometimes beaded.
Eye closed to part open
Sepals broad, convergent
Flesh white, green tinged, soft, cooks to fluff although nothing exciting about the flavour in my sample.

Tube cone, Stamens median, Core abaxile, wide star shape. Section identical to White Transparent

Tree vigorous, sprawling, inclined to tip bear.

Flowering six days before Bramley’s Seedling with George Neal and Rev. W. Wilks

Season – August