Lemon Pippin


English, possibly Norman origin (Bultitude)
Mentioned 1744 by agricultural writer Ellis but probably known earlier.

Medium to small. Round/oval, but very variable.  Bultitude says King fruits are lemon shaped with a fleshy swelling next to the stalk but I have not observed this.  Medium too small.
At first lemon green with darker green netting, later lemon yellow going golden.  Sometimes considerable russet cover and could be confused with some of the russets or could be classified as Green and sweet.  Basin and cavity green.
Lenticels conspicuous.

Cavity narrow, shallow and russet lined,
Stalk short and stout. 
Basin shallow and wide, ribbed and puckered.
Eye part open. 
Sepals small and downy
Flesh creamy white, quite pleasant.  Green flesh under the skin in September.
Think the lemon refers to the colour not the taste but it was quite sharp when tasted in October!

Tube cone, Stamens marginal to median, Core abaxile

Tree vigorous and upright spreading

Flowering three days after Cox’s Orange Pippin with Wyken Pippin and Cox’s Pomona

Season : November to March