Golden Delicious


An American apple from about 1890, found by A.H. Mullins of Clay Country, West Virginia thought to be from Grimes Golden open pollinated.  Introduced by Stark Brothers in 1914.
‘One of the most widely planted trees in the world but it needs a greater light intensity and warmth than is generally found in England’. Sanders

Medium. Tall, round conical to oblong, tapering in slightly towards apex, ribbed and five crowned. Rounded at base, symmetrical.
Green yellow becoming gold, orange flush when ripened.  (A garden ripened Golden Delicious is quite different from the green Supermarket version) No stripes.
Lenticels very noticeable as grey dots, sometimes red. Skin smooth and dry, can be some russet patches.

Cavity deep, narrow, with small amount of russet (Greensleeves has far more russet)
Stalk long and thin, usually to one side.
Basin medium width and depth, very ribbed, some fine brown russet.
Eye closed but later in season can be part open.
Sepals erect, long and narrow, moderately downy.
Flesh creamy green. Juicy, fine textured, crisp with good flavour.

Tube cone, Stamens median, Core abaxile

Tree low and spreading, spurs freely produced

Flowering one day after Cox’s Orange Pippin with Discovery and Spartan  Pollination group D

Season : November to February