Synonym Mutsu, origin Japan in about 1930 from a   Golden Delicious x Indo cross.  Raised at the Aomori Fruit Research station and first fruited in 1937.  Renamed Crispin in UK in 1968 although still known as Mutsu in most other countries.  RHS Award of Merit in 1970.

Large to very large, Oblong and/or conical. Ribbed, flat sided and five crowned. Shape varies (see photo)  Greenish yellow developing brown/purple flush.
Lenticels distinct brown grey russet dots, larger towards base.  Skin smooth and dry.

Cavity deep, wide and sometimes lipped, some fine brown/gold russet.
Stalk long, slender and bends to one side. 
Basin medium deep, irregular and puckered.
Eye tightly closed,
Sepals long and convergent. Tightly pinched together.
Flesh slightly green tinged, juicy, good refreshing flavour.

Tube cone. Stamens basal, Core axile, open

Tree very vigorous, spreading

Flowering : Pollination Group C

Season : December to February