Arthur Turner


Raised by Charles Turner of Slough, Bucks and was exhibited at an RHS show in 1912 as Turners Prolific and gained an Award of Merit.  Re-named Arthur Turner in 1913 and introduced in 1915. Received an Award of Garden merit for its blossom in 1948.

Large. Round/conical, some almost oblong. Symmetrical and even with well rounded ribs.  Slightly five crowned.  Flattened at base and apex.
Pale green/yellow, developing brown/red flush, no stripes. The flush can be a grey red and there can be small flecks or patches of russet.  Skin is smooth and dry.  Lenticels small and inconspicuous.
Cavity wide and deep with russet,
Stalk short and stout. Mostly within cavity but can protrude just beyond.
Basin Deep, wide, sometimes irregular, often with a little russet.
Eye closed or part open.
Sepals short and convergent, slightly downy.
Flesh creamy white to slight yellow tinge, dry. 
Cooks to a fluff, one of the best for baked apples.

Tube long funnel, Stamens median to marginal. Core axile

Tree vigorous, produces spurs freely, upright.

Flowering four days before Bramley’s Seedling with Bismark and Norfolk Beauty   Pollination Group  C

Season : October – November