Sweet Caroline

(striped and sweet)

Golden Delicious x Mackintosh.  From The Netherlands

Oblong, slightly conical, flattened Base and Apex.  Often lopsided, regular, slightly five crowned with well rounded ribs.
Green going yellow, brown/pink flush, very indistinct stripes if any. Seems to colour first towards the apex.  Finally all over red/pink.  Skin dry in September. Lenticels noticeable on flush as small pale russet dots

Cavity deep and narrow, russet lined.
Stalk stout and above cavity, sometimes to one side.  1/6 swollen stalk
Basin deep, fairly wide.  Skin pleated into Eye
Eye part open
Sepals upright and separated at base. As the fuit ripens they separate and the Eye becomes part open
Flesh crisp, green tinge in September. Already sweet in September although not ripe.  Crawford says ‘bland’.  Lots of pips.

Tube cone, Stamens basal, Core axile

Tree Tip bearer


Season ; October to December