Exquisite or Laxton's Exquisite

(striped and sweet)

Raised by Laxton Bros. at Bedford in 1902.  Cellini x Cox’s Orange Pippin.  RHS Award of Merit in 1926.  National Fruit Trials 1929 – 1948.

Medium to large dessert apple. Round to round/conical, lopsided and irregular, rounded ribs, five crowned.Striking crimson broken stripes over yellow going orange speckled flush.  Finally all over red (I nearly put this with red apples but this is a final stage probably after the apple is at it’s best) When ripe the colour and stripes go into the Eye.  Skin is greasy (Fortune and Epicure have a dry skin)

Cavity deep and narrow, lined with gold brown russet which can streak out, some corky russet
Stalk short and stout, deeply embedded in cavity, 1/5 swollen stalk
Basin medium depth and width, skin slightly pleated, puckered and ribbed into Eye.
Eye open or part open, stamens visible
Sepals upright and green, tips reflexed, mostly broken
Flesh cream, slight pink stain under red skin.  Juicy, good flavour, aromatic, crisp but like all early apples goes soft quite soon

Tube cone, Stamens median, Core open

Tree – fairly vigorous

Flowering two days before Cox’s Orange Pippin with James Grieve  Pollination Group C

Season : September, pick late August