Zoete Ermgaard

(striped and sweet)

Known since 1864 in the Netherlands. A sweet, slightly bitter Dutch apple, in the past used for drying.

Small, conical apple, ribby, lopsided.
Yellow with crimson stripes and specks.  Described in the New Book of Apples as ‘pink over cream’.
Covered with russet patches and spots.

Cavity medium width, deep for the size of the apple, some lipped, russet lined.
Stalk medium and long, well above base.
Basin shallow and wide, apical.
Eye closed but large for the size of apple.
Sepals upright, convergent, reflexed
Flesh dry, sweet, bitter, slightly like sugared almonds.  Creamy colour.

Tube cone, Stamens marginal, Core axile



Season : December to January