(striped and sweet)

Another American apple, reputedly named after the raiser’s wife.  Raised by Mr Peter M. Gideon at Excelsior, Minnesota USA. Award of Merit from the RHS in 1893.

Medium size. Flat round (officially) to round, regular, five crowned.  Taylor says ‘round’ and the apples I have seen appear more round than flat round.
Pale yellow almost covered by red flush with some darker stripes. Could be classified as a ‘red apple’ when ripe. Skin smooth, dry and bloomed.  Lenticels small russet dots.

Cavity medium to deep, A little russet.
Stalk slender and above cavity
Basin wide and fairly deep. Sanders says wide and deep.
Eye closed,
Sepals pushed tightly together.
Flesh juicy, green/white, sometimes a little pink under the skin.

Tube funnel or cone, Stamens median to marginal, Core axile

Tree upright spreading, not too vigorous, partial tip bearers

Flowering same time as Cox’s Orange Pippin, Discovery and Sturmer Pippin

Season : September to December