(striped and sweet)

In 1791 Mr George Wheeler brought seeds from Dover, Duchess County, New York to his new Nursery in Yates County.  This nursery was taken over by Abraham Wagener in 1796.  By the end of the 1800s Wagener was available on both sides of the Atlantic. RHS Award of Merit in 1910.

Fairly large to medium. Irregular, flat round and ribby.  ( you could mix this up with Queen or Cox’s Pomona?)
Sample collected from Deacons were rounder rather than flat. Irregular, five crowned.
Yellow/green flushed with pink/red, short crimson red stripes over flush. Lenticels inconspicuous. Sometimes small russet patches. Skin smooth and dry.

Cavity deep, width varies, can be deep or quite wide and russeted.
Stalk long and slender.
Basin deep with skin wrinkled into Eye, irregular, sometimes beaded.
Eye small and closed.  Bultitude and Sanders say ‘part open’.
Sepals  convergent, tips slightly reflexed.
Flesh sometimes slightly red just under skin.  Creamy white.

Tube deep funnel or cone, Stamens marginal, Core axile or abaxile

Tree not very vigorous, upright

Flowering five days before Cox’s Orange Pippin with Merton Charm and Irish Peach

Season : December to April