Upton Pyne

Introduced by Mr Pyne (nurseryman) of Topsham, Devon in 1910.

Large, conical although shape can vary, mostly tall although 2 in my sample were shorter. Flat sided, broad at base, slightly ribbed in some, slightly five crowned.
Pinky red stripes over yellow/green, not flushed.
Taylor says ‘ Specimens exhibited at the RHS in 1936 were similar in shape to the Royal Jubilee and similar in colour to Lanes’ Prince Albert i.e. yellow with a scarlet flush and streaks’. Skin dry.

Cavity fairly wide and deep, small amount of russet. Some have a fleshy swelling at one side.
Stalk short, fairly stout, to cavity or just above (Bultitude says slender).
Basin narrow, fairly deep, irregular and ribbed.
Eye half open.
Sepals broad and convergent. Eye looks ‘untidy’ with sepals going at different angles but mostly reflexed leaving a part open eye.
Flesh cream white, firm and moderately juicy.  can be cooked and goes to a puree. Morgan and Richards say ‘slightly pineapple like flavour’ but I have no personal experience of this.

Tube cone, Stamens median, Core axile

Tree vigorous and spreading

Flowering Same time as Cox’s Orange Pippin with Tydeman’s Early

Season : December to March