Steyne Seedling

(striped and sweet)

Bred on the IOW by Sir John Thorneycroft about 1893. 

Medium.  Flat round/round, very regular. No ribs.
Pink/red stripes over green ground colour, developing into all over darker flush.  Skin very smooth. Lenticels white dots.

Cavity wide and fairly shallow, green around stalk, very little or no russet.
Stalk long and fairly slender. 
Basin wide and very shallow, colour and stripes go into eye. Slight pleats go into eye.
Eye open, or part open.
Sepals wide and broad based, by November the sepals were broken giving the look of an open eye.
Flesh cream, sweet and juicy.

Tube, funnel Stamens?, Core closed but uneven

Tree moderately vigorous

Flowering three days before Cox’s Orange Pippin

Season: November to January