(striped and sweet)

Raised by Mr Charles Ross at Newbury, Berkshire from Peasgood Nonsuch x Cox’s Orange Pippin.  First recorded in 1900.  Introduced by Clibrans of Altrincham.  RHS Award of merit in 1900

Medium to large size, Round to flat round, flattened at base and apex. Regular or a little lopsided.  Slightly five crowned.
Pale yellow green covered by thin orange/red flush and deeper orange to bright red stripes. Lenticels not too obvious grey dots, inconspicuous, skin smooth and dry but goes slightly greasy in store.
Sometimes a little russet on surface.  Bultitude says ‘faintly hammered’.

Cavity wide, deep and russet lined, russet can streak out over base of apple. 
Stalk short, fairly stout and well within cavity.
Basin wide and deep, can have a little russet.
Eye can open later in season.  Bultitude says ‘wide open’, Sanders says ‘partly or wide open’
Sepals short, separated at base, usually broken at tips.
Flesh creamy white, crisp and juicy.

Tube funnel, Stamens median, Core axile

Tree vigorous and spreading, can be biennial croppers.

Flowering same time as Cox’s Orange Pippin and Wealthy

Season : October to December