Peasgood's Nonsuch

(striped and sweet)

Raised by Mr Peasgood from a ‘pip sown in a pot by his wife’. Said to be from Catshead Codlin and sown in 1858. RHS First Class Certificate at the Crystal Palace Show in 1874.

Large to very large.  Round/conical to round, slightly flattened.  Regular, flattened at base and apex. No ribs.
Green becoming yellow, covered with pinky flush that quickly turns to orange red.  Short broken crimson red stripes. Finally a bright pink orange, very striking. Lenticels brown dots.

Cavity wide and deep, russet lined. Dark green under and around the russet
Stalk short and stout, often swollen and to one side.
Basin wide and regular, Bultitude says ‘deep’ but I find it varies.  Skin slightly puckered into large open or part open Eye.
Eye Part or fully open
Sepals medium sized erect and convergent, often broken.
Flesh crisp and yellow when ripe, white green earlier.
This is really a cooker but can also be eaten as dessert.  They make good baking apples.

Tube long funnel, Stamens median, Core axile

Tree vigorous and spreading – subject to canker.

Flowering same time as Bramley’s Seedling with Lane’s Prince Albert

Season : September to December