King Luscious

(striped and sweet)

Cultivar from USA, found at Deacons

Very large, tall, oblong, tapers a little into apex.
Pink red flush with darker stripes over dull yellow green.
Lenticels very conspicuous as pale russet dots.
Could be classified as a red apple when ripe.

Cavity shallow with one large raised rib curled over onto stalk. 9/10 were lipped in this way. A small amount of russet in cavity.
Stalk very short and swollen.
Basin irregular and deep.
Eye small and closed.
Sepals small and convergent
Flesh  A very hard indestructible apple but a pleasant flavour and surprisingly juicy in October/November.

Tube narrow cone, slightly funnel shaped, Stamens median, Core abaxile and open

Tree large and vigorous

Flowering no records

Season : up to January and perhaps onwards, stays late on the tree