King George V

(striped and sweet)



A Thorneycroft seedling from 1898. Reputedly raised by Lady Thorneycroft although sources vary.  Cox’s Orange Pippin open pollinated, first fruited in 1920, introduced by Cheal and Sons, Crawley, Sussex.
RHS Award of merit in 1928.

Medium. Flat round, flattened base and apex, can be lopsided. A few may be five crowned.
Ripening to a golden yellow, pink orange flush with deeper red coloured stripes.  Most havea small amount of russet netting or patches.  Lenticels inconspicuous.

Cavity wide and deep, grey russet lined.
Stalk varies, long and fairly stout in the sample from Wisley but Taylor says ‘slender’.
Basin not too deep, can be ribbed. 
Eye part open in September but later fully open.
Sepals long, broad, convergent usually with the tips broken off.
Flesh creamy yellow, juicy, crisp with a good flavour

Tube funnel, Stamens?, Core axile

Tree vigorous and upward spreading

Flowering three days after Cox’s Orange Pippin with Ashmead’s Kernel and Barnack Beauty

.Season : January onwards