James Grieve

(striped and sweet)

Raised by Mr James Grieve of Edinburgh, could be a seedling from Pott’s Seedling or from Cox’s Orange Pippin. Introduced in 1893 by Dicksons, the employers of James Grieve. RHSv Award of Merit in 1897 and RHS First Class certificate in 1906.  There are several coloured sports i.e. Redcoat James Grieve (1923)and Roter James Grieve from Germany (1956).

Medium size. Round/conical to conical, slightly irregular, a bit lopsided. Slightly flattened at base.
Yellow green becoming yellow,  flushed orange red, striped bright red. Colour does vary and trees in a shady position (Northcourt) hardly colour at all. The amount of russet present also varies from none at all to several patches – I think appearance depends very much on the growing conditions.

Cavity deep and wide, green with some russet.
Stalk long, fairly slender with knob on the end.
Basin medium width and can be quite deep and narrow, slightly pleated.
Eye closed or slightly open
Sepals long and convergent
Flesh creamy white, very juicy, excellent flavour.
Thin skinned, drops from tree when ripe and bruises easily.

Tube funnel, Stamens median, Core axile

Tree spreading, round headed, produces spurs very freely

Flowering three days before Cox’s Orange Pippin with Lord Lambourne and George Cave

Season : September