(striped and sweet)

From an open pollinated Cox’s Orange Pippin in 1918.  Discovered by Vahldik, a teacher in Eutin, Holstein, Germany.  Well known on the continent.

Medium Large. Oblong conical to round conical, broadest at base.  Flattened at apex.
Green yellow going golden yellow, flushed orange with deeper red orange stripes.  Can have lots of spots and of darker orange over pale orange.  Just a little russet. Five crowned.

Cavity medium/shallow,variable, lined with russet. 
Stalk, short/stout, sometimes swollen, sometimes lipped.
Basin wide and shallow, ribbed,
Eye large open.
Sepals long and tapering
Flesh creamy white, juicy and crisp. Sanders says ‘with a Cox like flavour’

Tube funnel, Stamens median, Core axile

Tree vigorous and wide spreading, triploid

Flowering one day before Cox’s Orange Pippin   Pollination Group C

Season November to January