George Cave

(striped and sweet)

Raised by George Cave at Dovercourt in Essex in 1923, said to be a chance seedling.  Acquired by Messrs Seabrook and Sons Ltd not named until 1945.  An early apple often found in farm shops.

Small/medium size, round conical, regular, can be lopsided.
Pale green/yellow, with scarlet flush and darker stripes, tough skinned.  Large pale lenticels. Goes a little greasy but this is an early apple not a ‘keeper’.
Cavity wide and shallow, russet lined. Can be lipped.
Stalk long and fairly thick.
Basin wide and shallow, a little puckered.
Eye half open.
Sepals long and broad, reflexed, downy.
Flesh white, juicy, pleasant but not exciting flavour

Tube cone, Stamens median, Core axile

Tree vigorous, upright spreading, good cropper
Falls from tree when ripe (as does Beauty of Bath)

Flowering three days before Cox’s Orange Pippin with James Grieve and Lord Lambourne  Pollination Group C

Season : Early to mid August