(striped and sweet)

Originated from Japan in late 30s, on the market by 1962. Parentage Ralls Janet x Delicious (have found several different spellings of Ralls Janet) Grown in the Aomori district of Japanwhich is famed for its apples. This particular sample was found in Morrisons on the Isle of Wight.

Large for dessert, round, slightly conical, flattened at base and apex, irregular, five crowned.
Gold/cadmium yellow ground, pinkmadder brown flushgoing crimson.  Wide darker stripes.  Rough feel with prominent pale russet lentivels.  Bloomed.

Cavity deep and narrow, russet lined, russet sometimes dirty or scaly in appearance.
Stalk small, thin, short, deep within cavity.
Basin deep and fairly wide, the skin goes smoothly into the Eye, hardly any pleating.
Eye closed and small
Sepals upright with just the tips reflexed.
Flesh gold/cream, juicy, slightly pink under the flush, sweet aroma. Sweet taste perhaps slightly honeyed, fairly crisp. Sweet and watery – not to our taste.  It tasted ‘old’ ; found out afterwards that it can be kept for six months and had travelled from China – enough said. Tough skin.

Tube cone, Stamens median, Core abaxile

Tree moderately vigorous

Flowering one day after Cox’s Orange Pippin

Season : December to January