(striped and sweet)

Originated from a Forge Farm, in the iron working area near East Grinstead, Sussex.  Already known by 1851 when it was described.
Medium size. Round/conical, lopsided, irregular, some five crowned.
Pale yellow green developing orangey flush and crimson/scarlet stripes.  Stripes can merge into a single colour when very ripe. Lenticels not very noticeable.  Skin becomes very greasy – this is really noticeable if kept for a short while to photograph.

Cavity narrow, medium to shallow depth, russet lined.
Stalk very short and stout, buried in cavity
Basin medium width and depth, ribbed and beaded
Eye closed
Sepals short and upright.
Flesh white, crisp and juicy.  Tough skin and flesh slightly red under skin where red flush has developed.

Tube long cone, almost funnel, Stamens basal, Core abaxile

Tree medium size and spreading

Flowering four days after Cox’s Orange Pippin with Mother and Cornish Aromatic.  Pollination Group D

Season : October to November