(striped and sweet)

Raised by Dr F. Alston, East Malling research Station, James Grieve x Golden Delicious. Introduced in 1986, RHS Award of Garden merit in 1993.  Planted commercially in Kent, also found in supermarkets although many come from other countries. 

Medium size, round conical, can be tall and oblong/conical.flattened base and apex, five crowned, surface can feel hammered.
Red/orange flush over greeny yellow, indistinct red stripes over orange flush. (also RED FALSTAFF)  Attractive even symmetrical apple with a striking colouring (Morgan and Richards say ‘pretty red flush’)  Crawford notes that it ‘colours poorly in the UK.
Russet lenticel dots quite conspicuous on flush.

Cavity fairly deep and fairly narrow, lined with russet over a ‘green star’.
Stalk quite long and always above cavity, not too stout.
Basin moderately deep and wide, slightly ribbed and puckered.
Eye closed to half open.
Sepals long, convergent and reflexed at tips.
Flesh green/yellow tinge early then creamy, juicy, crisp, good.  Always a favourite to taste at Apple Day.  Good for juice and cider (Crawford)
Skin becomes greasy

Tube cone, Stamens basal to median, Core axile

Tree moderately vigorous, weeping, heavy cropper

Flowering same day as Cox’s Orange Pippin   Pollination Group C

Season : October to December