Eve's Delight

(striped and sweet)

Large fruit from the USA.  Can weigh up to 2lbs (Deacons catalogue).  Slater Seedling x Stark’s Jumbo.

Very Large.  Flat round to round, irregular, shaped somewhat like a Bramley’s Seedling.
Bright green ground with distinct, broken red stripes over a paler flush. 

Cavity deep, wide, russet lined, green in cavity.
Stalk short and fairly stout, within cavity.
Basin deep and irregular.
Eye closed
Sepals mostly broken and damaged in my sample
Flesh green/white in September.
Although this is a dessert apple I used it for cooking as it was so big.  It keeps its shape but the flavour when cooked is nothing special.

Tube ?, Stamens?, Core?

Tree ? have only seen young trees in Deacon’s Nursery.

Flowering Pollination group C

Season : September – October (Deacons Catalogue)
It was still on the tree in September.