Charles Ross

(striped and sweet)

Raised by Charles Ross at Welford Park gardens, Newbury, Berks. from Cox’s Orange Pippin x Peasgood’s Nonsuch.  First exhibited in 1890.  RHS Award of Merit and RHS First Class Certificate in 1899.
Charles Ross was the gardener to Captain Carstairs of Welford Park from 1860 to 1908.  Originally named Thomas Andrew Knight after the president of the RHS.

Large. Tall, round/conical to conical. Flattened at base and apex. Very regular.  Sanders says ‘a very heavy apple.
Ripens into golden yellow with deep orange spots and speckles and short stripes.  Lenticels conspicuous white/grey brown dots. A little russet at base.  Skin smooth and becomes greasy.
Cavity deep and fairly narrow, (Bultitude says wide).  Lined with russet over green skin.
Stalk short, stout, often swollen, deep in cavity.
Basin Shallow and wide, skin slightly pleated into Eye. 
Eye open or part open, quite large.
Sepals long, broad, reflexed, often broken. Downy
Flesh creamy white, OK flavour but does not keep.

Tube long funnel, Stamens median to marginal, Core axile

Tree uptight and spreading
Tip bearer – apples carried at ends of branches.

Flowering one day after Cox’s Orange Pippin   Pollination Group C

Season : September.  Rapidly loses flavour and can be used as a cooker.