Beauty of Bath

(striped and sweet)


From Bailbrook, nr. Bath.  Introduced by Mr George Cooling  in 1864.  Said to be a Juneating seedling originating about 1800.  RHS First Class certificate in 1887.
This is the apple that people remember from their childhood – I think because it is one of the first apples of the season. It used to be one of the most important early eating apples grown but is now found only in gardens.

Medium size.  Flat round and regular. Slightly ribbed.
Pale green, flushed and striped almost completely with bright scarlet crimson.  Large yellow/white lenticels very noticeable.  Skin smooth and shiny.
A very attractive apple.

Cavity deep and fairly wide, sometimes a little russet but not always.
Stalk short, stout and stubby
Basin wide, fairly deep, skin slightly pleated.
Eye, usually closed sometimes slightly open
Sepals broad and erect but with tips reflexed which can give the appearance of an open Eye
Flesh cream/white, soft, juicy, when ripe a little red under the skin.  Taste very good when straight off the tree but soon goes ‘woolly’.

Tube funnel, Stamens median to marginal, Core axile

Tree round and spreading, crops well, apples fall from tree as soon as ripe.

Flowering two days before Cox’s Orange Pippin with Fortune and Sunset   Pollination Group  C

Season : Early August