Baker's Delicious


(striped and sweet)

Found in Wales, introduced by Bakers of Codsall, Wolverhampton in 1932.

Medium, Round/conical to conical, can be lopsided, although all in my sample were fairly regular.
Green going yellow, orange toned flesh, thin pale stripes of pale orange red. Flush varies.
Lenticels white dots, larger on shoulder (Bultitude does not mention lenticels)

Cavity deep and narrow, russet in cavity over green colour.
Stalk, not too thin and level with base or above (Bultitude says ‘slender’)
Basin wide and shallow, not too deep.  Puckered and can be beaded.
Eye closed.
Sepals long and convergent, very downy.
Flesh creamy white and crisp, very good flavour

Tube funnel, Stamens median to marginal, Core axile

Tree medium size, upward spreading

Flowering four days before Cox’s Orange Pippin with Egremont Russet and McIntosh   Pollination Group B

Season : late August to mid September