Tom Putt

(striped and sour)

Raised in Somerset in 1700’s by the Rev. Tom Putt.  Can be dessert, cooker or cider!  There seem to be a lot of variations on this apple.

Medium large size. Round/conical, angular and knobby, prominent ribs and five crowned.
Hard, waxy, slight knobbly feel. Goes greasy.
Highly coloured, yellow with bright red, distinctive broken stripes, a very variable apple.

Cavity fairly deep, russeted. (Bultitude says moderately wide and deep.  Sanders says fairly shallow to medium)
Stalk short and sturdy (Taylor says long and slender), sometimes swollen.
Basin fairly deep, ribbed and puckered. Beaded.
Eye large, closed or part open.
Sepals long and convergent but mostly with tips broken off.
Flesh green tinged white.  Skin tough, becomes greasy and wrinkles when kept.

Tube cone, Stamens marginal, Core axile, wide open.

Tree vigorous and spreading

Flowering two days before Bramley’s Seedling with Alexander and Lord Grosvenor

Season : September to November