Stobo Castle


(striped and sour)

From Scotland. Introduced 1900 by nurseryman D. Storrie of Glencarse.

Medium to large.  Basically conical but shape seems to vary, lopsided and irregular, ribbed.
Green going yellow, then crimson/scarlet red stripes over yellow/orange flush. Very greasy feel to the skin. Quite striking when fully ripe. Colours early in the season, officially an August cooker.

Cavity deep not wide, russet lined.
Stalk mostly long and fairly thin
Basin medium depth to fairly deep, wide.
Eye closed to part open
Sepals broad, downy, tips broken
Flesh faintly green, cooks to a frothy fluff.  My comment in October before I knew it was a cooker was ’refreshing, juicy, a bit sharp’.

Tube cone, Stamens median, Core axile

Tree  vigorous and spreading

Flowering two days before Bramley’s Seedling

Season  : August to September