Royal George

(striped and sour)

Also known as Clarke’s Seedling
‘In the Gard. Chron., 1898 Mr N.H. Pownall stated that the original tree, now called The Royal George, was grown by Mr George Clarke, a master bricklayer, who lived and died at East Bridgeford, Notts. In 1898 several trees existed in the parish of east Bridgeford, aged fifty years or more.’ Taylor.

Large, round and flattened, irregular, lopsided (in my sample)
Bright scarlet red flush and stripes over green/brown. Characteristic veining and patches of gold and brown russet over surface.  Can look quite dark.
Conspicuous dark lenticels

Cavity deep, wide russeted, russet extends over apple in patches and spots.
Stalk short, stumpy and often broken off.
Basin deep and irregular, skin pleated into eye. Some russet in basin.
Eye large and wide open.
Sepals large with tips reflexed
Flesh firm, juicy, pale yellow – have not managed to cook this one yet!

Tube wide cone, Stamens median, Core abaxile but small

Tree the only tree I know is old, not too vigorous and spreading.

Flowering five days before Bramley’s Seedling

Season : September to January