(striped and sour)

Raised in 1858 by W. Bull a farmer in Billericay, Essex; not Queen or Queening as mentioned in Parkinson. Reputed to be raised from a pip from an apple bought in the market. First fruited in 1874.  Introduced as ‘The Claimant’ in 1880 by Messrs Saltmarsh of Chelmsford.  Awarded an RHS First Class certificate in that year.

Large, flat, distinctly ribbed, very flattened at base and apex.  Slightly five crowned.
Yellow with red flush, covered by deep, scarlet crimson stripes. Lenticels inconspicuous.  Slightly greasy feel to the skin.

Cavity Wide, deep, grey brown russet which can spread outside the cavity.
Stalk long and medium thickness.  (Bultitude says slender)
Basin wide and deep, irregular with skin ribbed into eye,
Eye open or half open
Sepals erect and downy
Flesh white, soft, juicy, acid, cooks to a fluff.

Tube cone, Stamens median
Core small with very few seeds, core lines almost nonexistent.  Axile

Tree medium vigour, upward spreading, partial tip bearer

Flowering two days before Bramley’s Seedling with Lord Grosvenor and Alexander

Season : October to November