(striped and sour)

Raised by Messrs Seabrook of Chelmsford Essex in 1888 and introduced by them in 1918.  A Peasgood Nonsuch x Dumelow’s Seedling cross

Large.  Flat/round to round/conical, broad and flat at base, flattened at apex. Regular.
At first green with red flush ripening to white/yellow flushed pink red with darker red streaks.  Lenticels not noticeable although Sanders says ‘conspicuous green or ochre russet dots on yellow skin and grey russet dots surrounded by red or grey on flush’.

Cavity deep, russet lined.
Stalk short and stout, can be swollen,
Basin fairly deep, ribbed
Eye  large, half open with some beading.
Five crowned.
Sepals broad and long
Flesh white and juicy
A good cooker, cooks to a fluff.

Tube broad funnel, Stamens basal, Core axile, can be open

Tree vigorous, upright, resistant to Scab

Flowering one day before Bramley’s Seedling with Grenadier and Alfriston

Season : November to December