Lane's Prince Albert

(striped and sour)

Raised by Thomas Squire, Berkhamsted in about 1840 from Russet Nonpareil x Dumelow’s Seedling. Introduced by John Lane in 1850.  Named to celebrate a visit to Berkhamsted by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. RHS First Class Certificate 1872.

Large, round/conical fruits tapering in towards the Eye. Often slightly lopsided and irregular.
Bright shiny green skin with characteristic short broken red stripes.  In September apples may not have developed stripes. Very smooth, no russet on body of fruit.  Lenticels pale dots on green ground colour.

Cavity wide and deep, usually little or no russet. 
Stalk short and fairly slender, in cavity or just beyond.
Basin wide, fairly deep, ribbed, saucer shaped.
Eye small, closed or part open.
Sepals small and convergent.
Flesh greeny white, juicy, can be a bit watery when cooked but a fair flavour.

Tube cone or funnel, Stamens median to marginal, Core abaxile

Tree medium vigour, round headed.

Flowering same time as Bramley’s Seedling and Peasgood Nonsuch.

Season : October to March