Hoary Morning

(striped and sour)

Raised in Somerset in about 1819.  Lindley 1829 ‘a handsome and useful apple’.  Hogg 1884 ‘A beautiful and very useful culinary apple of second rate quality’.
RHS fruit trails in 1927.

Large, Flat/round, slightly conical, distinctly flattened base and apex.

Very distinctive colouring, bright pink and crimson red long stripes over gold orange ground when ripe. Has a white bloom – hence the name – which rubs off when handled.
A very attractive apple with an amazing colour scheme. Lenticels very prominent russet dots, larger at base, smaller at apex.

Cavity russeted, wide, deepish.
Stalk medium length and stout, usually extends beyond cavity. 
Basin shallow, ribbed, skin pulled in squeezing Eye into a slit.  Some beading.
Eye open but small and narrow.  Some beading.  Bultitude says ‘closed or part open’.
Sepals difficult to see as squeezed into a slit in my sample. Broad and erect.
Flesh creamy white, tasteless and dry.
Core lines pink, some pink flush under skin when ripe.
Falls apart when cooked, little flavour.

Tube Cone but slightly funnel shaped, Stamens ? Core abaxile

Tree upright spreading, good cropper.

Flowering One day after Bramley’s Seedling with Grenadier.  Pollination Group C

Season : October to December