George Neal

(striped and sour)

Raised in Sevenoaks in Kent by Mrs Otford in 1904.  Introduced by R. Neal and sons, London in 1923.  Received RHS Award of Merit that year. National fruit trials in 1924.

Medium/large, round, flat, regular, well rounded ribs.
Mid green going yellow green, flushed with brown/orange/red.  Very short broken red stripes.  Lenticels conspicuous. A very attractive looking apple.
Cavity wide and deep, lined with russet.  Russet can spread out over fruit.
Stalk medium, fairly slender (Bultitude says ‘short, medium and level with base of fruit’, Taylor says ‘long’)
Basin deep, irregular, ribbed. 
Five crowns easily felt. 
Eye large and open.
Sepals short and erect
Flesh cream/white, soft and very juicy.  A rally well flavoured early cooking apple, sweet and sharp together. Excellent to store in the freezer once cooked.  Breaks up when cooked but Sanders says ‘remains in intact slices’
Skin feels greasy once picked.

Tube cone, Stamens median, Core abaxile

Tree large and spreading, heavy cropper

Flowering five days before Bramley’s Seedling  Pollination Group B

Season : September to October