Frogmore Prolific

(striped and sour)

THIS IS NOT A CONFIRMED IDENTIFICATION.  The apple is on a very old espalier, there are photos of these trees pre First World war and they were definitely there and already old when the house was bought by the present owner's family in 1945.  The only possible match I can find is Frogmore Prolific in Bultitude. Everything fits except the open eye, but Taylor says closed eye! However unable so far to check at RHS Wisley as this is an early apple and has gone by the time I have visited.  The other trees in the row are Lane's Prince Albert and Edward V11.  The other very old espaliers are Newton Wonder, Warner's King and two unknown. (also Sturmer Pippin) 
Raised by Mr Ingram the royal gardener at Windsor in 1865.  Found at Northcourt, Shorwell, Isle of Wight as an old espalier reputedly planted c. 1900.  Have been unable to check at Wisley as there were no apples on the tree when I visited but it fits almost exactly the description and picture in Bultitude.

August 2012 - I now have named apples from Brogdale, thanks to Steve Oram of the PTES, my first reaction was that they were not the same apple due to the colour difference.  The Brogdale apples were green with crimson brown flush and the apples from Northcourt when I see them in September are yellow and orange.  However it was only mid August when the apples arrived and the Brogdale apples are changing colour as I keep them.  Look at the chart below for a comparison, even the experts don't always agree! I am fairly sure it is the same apple.

Medium size, (should be medium/large but my sample came from a very old and somewhat neglected tree), round to round conical, vary from regular to lopsided, wide and flattened at base.  Slightly flattened at apex.  Some slightly ribbed.
Pale green going yellow with slight orange flush and a few orange red streaks.  Skin going greasy
Lenticels conspicuous as numerous large grey russet dots.

Cavity medium, lined with russet, some corky (as in Bultitude)
Stalk stout and long
Basin shallow, skin pinched into Eye, some beading
Eye Taylor says ‘closed Eye’ Bultitude says ‘open’
The apples at Northcourt have a closed Eye but as the apple ripens the upright sepals part slightly giving the look of a slightly open eye.

Sepals narrow and convergent
Flesh white and soft (very soft by the time I cut it open!) Christine Harrison reports that it is a flavourless cooker that she does not use (preferring Early Victoria, ready at the same time)

Tube cone, Stamens median, Core abaxile, star like in section

Tree twiggy and not vigorous, numerous small apples

Flowering  one day after Bramley’s Seedling   Pollination Group D

Season : September to October – ready to use late August in IOW

Bultitude  Taylor  Northcourt  Brogdale  Hogg 
Colour- Bright green
becoming bright yellow.
Lightly striped with
brownish purple which changes to orange red.
Large grey russet lenticels.
Skin greasy if stored
Greenish yellow with red flush   Pale green, going to yellow
Orange /red flush on some
Orange red broken lines
Very prominent grey russet lenticels
Greasy feel to skin
 Pale green, going yellow, flushed brown crimson.  Large, prominent lenticels.
Broken red lines in green
Skin greasy
Red changing to orange as apple is kept.
 Skin smooth, of a pale yellowish
green, slightly streaked and shaded with crimson on
the side next to the sun
Shape Round conical, regular to distinctly
irregular, Broad and flattened at base, slightly
flattened apex. Well rounded
Round,Broad base, distinctly conical Round/conical
Well rounded broad ribs
Mostly irregular
Considerable variation in shape and size on old somewhat neglected espalier
Round/conical Well rounded broad ribs Mostly irregular, Broad and flattened at base, flattened at apex  Roundish, very regular
Basin - medium width and shallow, slightly wrinkled   Shallow, skin slightly pinched inro Eye,some in sample had beading Shallow, skin slightly pleated into Eye   

Eye Medium width, open Sepals narrow, erect, reflexed

Closed, almost apical Mostly closed Eye but in some stamens very erect , giving look of an open Eye

Closed, Sepals erect

Small, closed and set in a shallow, regular basin 
Cavity –medium width and
depth. Partly lined with grey russet which streaks out over base and is often corky/scaly 
  Medium width and depth but some with deeper cavity. Lined with corky russet which streaks out over base  Fairly deep and narow, lined with corky russet which streaks out over base  Deep cavity
Stalk long and stout, well beyond base of fruit  Very short  Fairly stout and above base Long and fairly stout, above base of fruit About an inch long and slender
Flesh soft, creamy white, a little juicy, acid White, pleasantly acid, brisk White, a bit juicy, soft. Not rated as a cooking apple by the owners  White, soft, acid, sharp in apple  tasted but only mid August   
Core Open Star shape   Open Star shape Open Star shape  Cells round, abaxile
Stamens - not shown    Median to marginal Median to marginal  Marginal 
Picking Late August    On the ground by late August    
Season September to October October to November Soft and unusable by late  September   September to Christmas
Size medium large  Rather small for a cooking apple Small for cooker - old neglected tree Medium cooker Large
Tube    Cone going to funnel Cone going to funnel conical
 Flowering One day after Bramley's Seedling 'Fairly early' info. from owner    
Tree weak, upright, spreading - produces spurs freely  

 Twiggy tree with lots of small apples. Not vigorous but tree old and neglected.