Bushey Grove


(striped and sour)

Raised in Bushey Grove, Herts. In 1897 by a Mrs Good.  First fruited in 1910. Introduced by G. W. King of Sidcup in Kent in about 1926.  Award of merit from the RHS in 1922.

Flat round to round occasionally more oblong/conical.  Flattened at base and apex.  Lopsided and irregular with rounded ribs.  Parentage from Queen shows in the shape, the red colour is similar to Bismark reputedly the other parent.
Pale yellow green with scarlet flush and crimson stripes over. Sometimes with a hairline around the apex.  Lenticels show as small white russet dots on the flush.  Skin goes greasy when stored.

Cavity deep and narrow although Bultitue says ‘varies’, corky russet in Cavity.  Early in the year the stripes and colour do not go into the Cavity.
Stalk thick and stout, sometimes swollen, in cavity or just above.
Basin medium depth, wrinkled and pleated into Eye, often some beading. Colour can go right into Eye.
Eye open and fairly large
Sepals broad based, fairly large, erect.
Flesh coarse, soft, juicy.  Breaks up when cooked rather than a puree.  Green white in August.

Tube wide cone, Stamens median to basal, Core
Distinct core lines, axile in August when I had a sample but section in Bultitude shows a more open ‘star’.

Tree fairly vigorous, upright spreading

Flowering  three days before Bramley’s Seedling with Arthur Turner   Pollination Group C

Season : October to December