Bismark or Bismarck

(striped and sour)

Bismark or Bismarck
Believed to have originated at the german settlement of Bismark, Tasmania and named after the German Chancellor, Prince Bismark.  Or raised by F. Fricke, native of Hannover who settled in Carisbrook, Victoria, New Zealand in 1888.  Shown in London in 1887 and received RHS First Class certificate
Large.  Short round conical, tapers into apex, medium size. Five crowned, flattened at base and apex.
Green/yellow flushed scarlet red.  Flush covers half to very small amount of apple. Deeper red stripes on flush, Lenticels very conspicuous.

Cavity deep and russeted. 
Stalk short, stubby and deepset. (Bultitude says ‘moderately slender and extends to or beyond base of fruit) Skin deeper green around stalk.
Basin deep, beaded,ribbed. 
Eye closed
Sepals broad and convergent
Flesh white, tinged green. Cooks well.

Tube wide cone, Stamens median, Core axile but sometimes open.

Tree spreading

Flowering four days before Bramley’s Seedling with Arthur Turner   Pollination Group C

Season : November to December