Beauty of Kent


(striped and sour)

Known in the 1790's, first catalogued in 1820.

RHS Award of merit in 1901.  Morgan and Richards say 'grown in most Victorian and Edwardian country house fruit collections'

Large, round/conical, irregular,tapering towards apex. Lopsided and five crowned.  No two apples match in our garden. Early in season more brown/red, later more crimson flush and broad stripes.

Lenticels conspicuous as white dots, espiecially on flush. (check out Crawley Beauty, Mere de Menage, Norfolk Beefing for white lenticels on crimson flush). Skin slightly greasy.

Cavity wide, shallow, russeted.

Stalk fairly stout and long (Bultitude says within cavity)

Basin wide, depth varies, skin a little puckered, irregular, ribbed.

Eye open (Taylor says closed)

Sepals wide and short

Flesh creamy white, a good cooker

Tube wide cone, Stamens median, Core abaxile

Tree upright, spreading, fairly vigorous

Flowering two days before Bramley's Seedling   Pollination Group  C

Season: December to March