Annie Elizabeth

(striped and sour)

Raised in 1857 by Samuel Greatorex of Knighton in Leicester and named after a little girl who died aged 10 or after the daughters of the firm who introduced the apple in 1898, Harrisons of Leicester. Said to be a seedling of Blenheim Orange.

Large, round but oblong in outline, irregular, faint ribs.  Flattened at base and apex.  Five crowned at apex.
Surface feels ‘hammered’
Pale yellow/green, flushed on sunny side with bright crimson/orange. Can be almost a brown tone to the flush. Faint stripes over the flush,  these can be more prominent when the apple is stressed or aging.  Skin smooth, going greasy. Five crowned.  An excellent keeper.

Cavity deep, grey russeted, irregular, fairly wide.  Lenticels larger in cavity. Can be lipped.
Stalk short, stout and deep within cavity.
Basin wide, varies in depth, but can be deep. Often some russet.  Ribbed, puckered and sometimes with beading.
Eye large, closed or part open.
Sepals broad, variable, can look ‘squashed up’
Flesh creamy white, juicy, Cooks to a fluff.
A good all round cooking apple with a good flavour.

Tube large, cone shaped, can enter core cavity.  Stamens median or basal, Core abaxile

Tree fairly vigorous, heavy cropping, upright spreading.

Flowering – four days after Bramley’s Seedling with Golden Noble.    Pollination Group C

Season : November to March