(green and sweet)


Raised in East Malling Research Station, James Grieve x Golden Delicious, 1966.  National Fruit Trials 1972.  RHS Award of Merit in 1981.

Medium size. Round/oblong, shorter and more rounded than Golden Delicious and ready to eat earlier. Round at base, flatter at apex. Sometimes lopsided.  Five crowned.
Pale greenish yellow, can develop flush late in season. Can be a hair line.Lenticels conspicuous as raised russet dots making the skin feel slightly rough.

Cavity wide, medium depth, regular, russet lined. The russet can spread out over base.
Stalk long, fairly slender and to one side. (Bultitude says stalk ‘medium length and stoutness’)
Basin wide and deep, often beaded and ribbed, can be a little russet.
Eye fairly large, closed or part open.
Sepals very long and narrow.
Flesh creamy white and coarse. 
Refreshing but not outstanding flavour.

Tube narrow funnel shape, Stamens median, Core axile

Tree upright and twiggy.

Flowering five days before Cox’s Orange Pippin with Idared and Egremont Russet  Pollination Group B 

Season : Early October to November