Granny Smith

(green and sweet)

Raised in New South Wales, Australia. Reputed to be an open pollinated seedling from French Crab grown from seed thrown out by Mrs Thomas Smith of Ryde, New South Wales.  Known to be fruiting in 1868, arrived in England in 1935.

Medium size,
Round conical and regular, symmetrical, flattened at apex and slightly flattened at base. Sometimes ribs, five crowned at apex.
Bright green, becoming yellow green, no stripes, very occasional brown flush.  Lenticels very noticeable with white area around a dark green dot. (areolar dots)

Cavity narrow and deep, with some russet.
Stalk fairly long and slender, beyond base.
Basin medium width and depth, ribbed and puckered.
Eye medium, mostly closed.
Sepals erect and convergent, downy.
Flesh green white and fairly hard, crunchy, juicy and can be a bit bland. Tough skin.
Needs warmth to ripen and develop – cannot really be grown successfully in UK.

Tube cone, Stamens median, Core, axile or abaxile

Tree small, upright spreading and good cropper.

Flowering one day before Cox’s Orange Pippin   Pollination Group C

Season: January to April